Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flour power

This made me smile as I was firing up the bread maker last night - new identity and packaging (by jkr) that captures the heritage and character of Hovis while still feeling fresh and fun.

Gone are the generic sheaves of wheat, the tired looking logotype and the lumpish product shot, replaced instead by a striking loaf-shaped brand icon and thoughtfully considered typography and colour. Illustrations of the baker's boy (evocative of those cheesy but memorable Ridley Scott directed TV ads) and bread with the Hovis loaf tin mark, help evoke the warmth and authenticity of a brand with a rich visual history.

But the nicest touch is the thought given to the back of pack information, the design of which is often an afterthought at best. This is a great example of good design and copywriting reinforcing the personality of a brand long after it's helped shift the product from the shelf.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Anyone Can Swiss?

Is Helvetica an unimaginative design cop-out or a timeless classic? Either way, if you've ten minutes to kill, have a play with this fun automatic Helvetica poster generator from Anyone Can Swiss. 'This project suggests that perhaps Helvetica posters are so extremely formulaic that even a monkey (or a computer) could do it'. Probably, but computer generated letter-spacing sucks. Here's a couple of efforts by a Gibbon.