Thursday, February 05, 2009

Anyone Can Swiss?

Is Helvetica an unimaginative design cop-out or a timeless classic? Either way, if you've ten minutes to kill, have a play with this fun automatic Helvetica poster generator from Anyone Can Swiss. 'This project suggests that perhaps Helvetica posters are so extremely formulaic that even a monkey (or a computer) could do it'. Probably, but computer generated letter-spacing sucks. Here's a couple of efforts by a Gibbon.


Anonymous said...

Anyone Can Swiss loves you Peter!
Great posters! Yeah - it is overwhelmingly apparent that computers suck at letter spacing.

Please check us out again as we update often with different Swissmaker versions.


Peter Gibbons said...

Thanks Dirk+Weiss - glad you like the posters - you're right it is fun fun fun. I'm not dissing the letterspacing skills, just a being a sad designer ;). Keep up the good work.